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Identity Fraud

Identity frauds in the UK

Every year there are hundreds of cases of credit card identity frauds are reported in the British newspapers and on the internet. You may read in the newspapers sometimes that a staff person working in a call centre company for providing information and assistance for credit card applications make note of the credit card numbers and then swindle thousands of dollars from the credit card users accounts and vanish. The solution is to never reveal any important information to the call centre executive that may help him to withdraw your funds and make expenses through your credit card. If he asks for any information that can prove to be dangerous for you in the future simply refuse to reveal it. Also there are people who use your social security number to gain access to all your personal information. Hence in any case do not ever reveal your social security number to the call centre executive from the credit card company.


How thieves get access to your information?

Let us see how the thieves get your personal information in the first case. The most common means is by accessing and stealing the official information records while they are on the job. The thief may also resort to bribing a staff member of an organization to access the records containing vital information. The thieves may also be able to hack the records or get them revealed from your own mouth by deceiving you. They may also steal your mail including the bank, credit card statements and vital tax information. They may also lay their hands on your dustbin outside your home and lay their hands on any information that they may find. A new way of stealing your credit card information is by capturing it in a data storage device. The thief may also swipe your card for a purchase you have made and then record all the information on the device and you are completely unaware of it. 

What are your duties?

As a responsible British citizen, it is your duty to be cautious and avoid any loses in the future. One mistake and you may find your bank account empty the next day. Let us see how you can identify thieves and prevent a disaster from happening in the present or the future. The thief may call your credit card issuer to change the billing address of your credit card account. Once he gets all the information, the imposter starts to make purchases in your account. Also as your bills are sent to a different address, it may take long for you to know that the problem exists. The thief may open a credit card account in your name. When the thief uses your credit card and does not pay the bill, the negative remarks of non payment are mentioned on your credit card report. The thief might also open a bank account in your name and then write bad checks on your account. He may also counterfeit checks and credit cards in your name or get authorized electronic transfers in your name and then vanish with the money.
These are just some of the ways in which you can suffer from identify theft. So always be on the alert and prevent such crimes from taking place.



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